Members of the Raoul Wallenberg Commemorative Committee

Zsolt NÉMETH, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Karin OLOFSDOTTER, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden

Zoltán BALOG, Minister of State for Social Inclusion, Ministry of Justice and Public Administration
András BALOGH, Vice-President, Hungarian Socialist Party
Szabolcs BIHARI, President, Association of the Hungarians in Sweden
János FÓNAGY, Minister of State, Ministry for National Development
Ágnes GAVALLÉRNÉ KANCSAL, Director, Raoul Wallenberg Secondary and Vocational School
Gábor GORDON, President, March of the Living Foundation
István GYARMATI, President, Centre for Democracy Public Foundation
Rita IZSÁK, Director, Tom Lantos Institute
Tibor KERTÉSZ, Member of the Board, Electrolux
Katrina LANTOS SWETT, Director, Tom Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice
Ilan MOR, Ambassador of the State of Israel
Mihály NAGY, Advisor, Ministry of National Resources
Ferenc OROSZ, Chairman, Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
Gergely PRŐHLE, Deputy Secretary of State, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
András SCHIFFER, Fraction Leader, Politics Can Be Different
Mária SCHMIDT, Director General, House of Terror Museum
György SZABÓ, President, Public Foundation for Hungarian Jewish Heritage
László SZÁSZFALVI, Minister of State for Church, Minority and Non-governmental Relations, Ministry of Justice and Public Administration
Szabolcs SZITA, Executive Director, Holocaust Memorial Center
János TAKÁCS, President of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce
László TŐKÉS, MEP (EPP); president, Hungarian National Council of Transylvania
Miklósné VÁLI, Wallenberg’s colleague once, saved by him
Louise VON DARDEL, member of the Wallenberg family, Honorary Member of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
Josef WEISS, Honorary Consul of Hungary, Jerusalem, Israel
Carl Michael L. WERNSTEDT, member of the Wallenberg family

Anna MIKLÓS, Joint Cabinet for the Minister and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs