Speech of Mr Yossi Peled at the Inauguration Ceremony of the 2012 Wallenberg Year

I stand here in front of you excited to mark 100 years to the birth of Raoul Wallenberg, a businessman and a diplomat, who worked in any way in Hungary during World War II to save tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from death.

He acted against senior Nazis to prevent the sending of thousands of Jews to death in Auschwitz and stopped the deportation of Jews.

Wallenberg is one of the well known Righteous among the nation in the world.

Thanks to his business connections, his family, and his wide public activities across Europe, he managed to save ten thousands Jew.

By the end of the war, Wallenberg saved by his own 20,000 from the Hungarian Jews.
This occasion is not a thing of no importance for me.

For me this ceremony is a sign for my recognition personal story:
Over the years my adoptive parents from Antwerp received this recognition,that is the least we could gave them for the life they gave.

As I stand here before you, I can't help but remembering them.
As a child I didn't understand that they are saving my life, How could I understand or know?

Every day I remember my childhood, the eight years that I was forced to hide my identity.
I grew up as a Christian boy that goes to church every Sunday and knows all prayers by heart.
I had a happy childhood thanks to my adopting family and in fact saved me from the threat of the Nazis.
But there were also moments of fear, which I understood them only later in my life.

Every day I think about my father, who was murdered in Auschwitz together with all his family, the father I never know and which I don't have any memory of, and I hope that he looks at me from above.

I think of my mother, who survives two terrible years the experiments of the notorious Mengele.
I think of them whenever I hear or read holocaust denies around the world.

With the establishment of this government, I accompanied the Prime Minister at an official visit to Berlin, during which he received the original plans of Auschwitz, and after that I made a speech in "Wannsee Villa", where the "Final Solution" was decided.
This visit was chilling. Only when you stand in that place, the phrase "final solution" and millions of Jews were sentenced to death gets a shocking and powerful meaning.

my personal story is mine and there are countless stories and memories of Holocaust survivors, some of them have already passed it to the second generation.

This topic should be continued teaching and teaching, not just in Israel but worldwide.
We must strengthen the Holocaust memorialization project, emphasize and cherise the thousands of Righteous Gentiles, whom risk their lives, such as the outstanding figure of Raoul Wallenberg.