Snétberger Ferenc

The Liszt Award-winning guitarist was born in Salgótarján into a Roma family of six children. He is one of the most well-known and most successful jazz and world music artists and appeared at numerous concerts and festivals in Hungary and internationally. Besides his countless awards, he is an Honorary Citizen of Budapest, a “Hungarian Talent Ambassador”, and is deeply committed to supporting social development among Roma society. He is both the founder of the Snétberger Music Talent Center as well as Director of Music and Art.

In 1995 he composed his Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, "In Memory of My People", on the occasion the fiftieth year following the end of the holocaust. Inspired by melodies of the gypsy tradition, the concerto is a powerful statement against human suffering. It has been performed by the composer himself with chamber orchestras in Hungary, Italy and Germany and also at the New York UN headquarters as the first Roma musician ever (International Holocaust Memorial Day, 2007). Snetberger was the first Roma musician to be invited to perform his piece at the Bundestag, at the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, January, 2011.